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We know competition is fierce. We carved out a niche in servicing law firm clients through a decade of experience. We learned what law firms need in a successful campaign and, more importantly, how to work with lawyers on a personal level.

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“Sean and the Nett Solutions team gets me the most web traffic of any of the marketing my Firm does. They are super responsive, supportive and helpful. My adwords campaigns routinely come up where I need to be and they always are great about helping control my Firm's costs. I highly recommend them!”

-Shalev Amar, Amar Law Group

"I am pleased to offer this endorsement of Sean Maloney and NettSolutions. I have been a client of theirs for approximately 10 years. In that time, they were tasked with developing my law firm’s website and online presence. Rather than presenting me with stock solutions, they took the time to learn about my business, spoke with my marketing people, and crafted a solution that I believe helped our business through the good times and the not so good times. I appreciate NettSolutions’ team being involved in the small to the critical matters with our website and Internet presence. I look forward to working with them as our company grows to the next level. I highly recommend the Nett Solutions team."

-Charles Vethan, Vethan Law Firm

“The premier badge is our highest badge of honor that we actually give to agencies... In order for them to get this badge we monitor their certifications, make them take tests, we make them do training with us on our campus. We even have this thing called an agency health score, and it’s something they can’t even see, where we look at their performance of all thier clients and whether their clients are leaving them or not. And if we see that if their performance is high versus other agencies and that their clients tend to stay with them then we give them the Premier Partner badge. So we really vetted out Nett Solutions… they do a really good job.” -Andrew Leonard, Google Inc, Mountainview, CA

"I’ve been working with Sean Maloney and Nett Solutions for several years and they are the primary source of my new cases online. They are super responsive, supportive and helpful. My adwords routinely come up top 3 and they helps control my Firm's costs. I highly recommend them!"

-David Spivak, The Spivak Law Firm

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Meet Your Campaign Manager - Sean Maloney

There are many marketers. Very few know what it takes to work with Law Firms. Over the past decade as a digital marketer I have learned that lawyers are extremely short on time and don’t like to waste time on calls filled with fluff. You want quick, direct communication with people who know how to get things done.  

As your lead Law Firm Marketing Executive, you are assured that things will get done the right way and on time.  

No two law practices are exactly alike, but every attorney needs new clients. Whether your goal is for your phone to ring or your online lead form filled out, we can put together a campaign that works for you.  

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